D&AD Awards


Credits to Stacy Barlow, a fellow designer who worked with me on this piece. We were fortunate enough to be selected amongst a few to be entered into the 2016 D&AD awards. The brief was on WWF brand and we were tasked to create a campaign that would form a way for WWF to maintain their current members whilst attracting new ones too.

We created a campaign called “Once In A Life Time” that aimed to join with WWF, Contiki, Facebook and Instagram to create an affordable volunteering vacation package for WWF members. embers would get discounted trips around the world, and in doing so they will also be helping the endangered animals. We created various mediums of advertising online, as this is where our target audience would be reached. Since our target audience are interested in traveling, our ads could be seen in flight magazines and flight center store windows. We found that people want to help but they don’t know how. They want to know where their funding go to while getting involved. Members want a relationship with the brand on a personal level.
In order for people to qualify for the package, they need to sign up as a member, download the App we created off Google Play and get their unique code to log in and sign up to get started. There is a total of 7 destinations members could choose to go on the vacations and volunteer with the animals in need, whilst enjoying VIP experiences when flying to their destinations.

We created badges on Facebook which members could earn as rewards and advertising after they completed their trips, which are listed under the I Care option we created in the like and share toolbar. Members could use these to share their experiences with the rest of the world on Facebook. They would also be able to alternate between WWF’s website; Facebook; and the App by using the shortcut listed in the notification bar. The money raised would go to WWF for environmental conservation. Sharing the experiences would create more communication among members as well as spread to new recruits. This piece also made it to the 2016 Adobe Semifinals Awards.