Adobe Awards


Credits to Keegan Harbour, a fellow designer who worked with me on this piece. The brief required an entry into any award ceremony, under their categories required. We entered the 2016 Adobe Awards and created a product that Woolworths would potentially sell. Our aim was to solve a worldwide problem everyone experiences daily. Even though it is no news that pollution is one of the main daily issues, there has been no progress in saving the planet despite the many attempted solutions.

Even though it might be too late to save our planet, it is never too late to start prolonging the destruction pollution has caused. We decided to use something we all have in our houses and improve its use. “Split It” bag is a refuse bag that creates a easier and more user friendly way for consumers to re-cycle daily and help save the planet.

Several colours were incorporated in the bags as well as unique icons to distinguish the bag’s sections from each other. The product is scented to give off a divine, scent to the consumer’s homes as well as an instruction booklet printed on the products packaging and sticker to place in your dirt bin as a reminder of which waste materials go where. It is basically like your average refuse bag, except it consists of five bags stitched together, which can be easily torn apart once full.

It can be disposed of by either throwing it away into a dirt bin; collected either by the trolley guys who recycle for an income; the garbage truck who collects on garbage day, or they could take it back to Woolies stores and receive a 10% off their next Split It product purchase. This piece also made it into the 2016 Adobe Semifinals Awards.