Credits to Stacy Barlow, a fellow designer that worked on this piece with me. Hollard’s brief required us to design a month for their annual desk blotter calendar for 2017. Each month had a different colour pallet of a range of two main pantone’s, with five different shades of the colour. I then pulled the designs through a campaign I created for another brief. The campaign “Make “Every Day Environment Day” not only creates awareness but also helps raise funds for charities directly involved in the matters.

The campaign’s logo consists of Hollard’s existing abbreviated logo designed in a more environmental way, by crafting it to look like tree logos as the “H” with a leaf on the top left and their full stop on the side. An event is to be hosted at Emmarentia Dam in the beginning of June. Hollard is an insurance company that interacts with its clients a lot- through events charities and campaigns. The purpose of the event is for Hollard to interact with consumers in order to interact with and raise funds for several charities listed.

The main point of contact is the campaign’s app. The app’s purpose is for the audience to purchase their tickets to the event as well as see a list of future and past Hollard events as well as be able to book seat on the campaign’s cab should they wish to have a dedicated lane to the drop off zone on the day of the event. The app also consists of a list of charities the consumer can support with the purchase of their ticket and at the event itself. The app will automatically connect to Waze maps on the Maps page, because Waze is one of the sponsors for the event, as well as Ray Ban – sponsoring the campaign merchandise glasses. Promotional and prize merchandised t-shirts will be won at the different activity stands.

Each stand consists of the national environment day listed on the calendar. The calendar can still be purchased at Hollard’s purple shop as mentioned in the original brief – however the after the event, the campaign will still interact with its audience throughout the month by having products in Woolies and Pick n Pay stores such as fresh veggies packaged in the campaign’s packaging for Fresh Veggie Day” etc. Online and offline mediums shall be used to advertise the event, app and after event products by using Facebook; Instagram; Twitter and a Snapchat Geo Filter will be created too – to create awareness of the campaign.