Custom Design


Vega’s brief required a campaign to be created for their 2015 student showcase. A direct mailer invite had to be created and used as the main point of contact. The direct mailer would be sent out to potential guests. My concept was to create a form of unity, as the challenge was to make the showcase about the students and their work, and not to be directed at Vega in any way. Through research, I used a creative way to form an abstract vision of dots, which were to be a constellation of stars.

This represented the students and not literally Vega itself. I went for the more abstract approach through using consultations which formed a tertiary shape, of an upside down apostrophe, as well as an inverted comma. I used the two grammar symbols to indicate the unity of the students, with the subtle indication that they attend Vega, and Vega being the host of the showcase.

Using a phrase that Vega teaches it’s students of us all being individual walking brands, and enclosed it with a smaller inverted comma, to create the sense of quoting someone (the students of Vega). My colour pallet consisted of white, and instead of black, I used a warm grey swatch, as I didn’t want it to be lost in the printing process. I created the invite to be smaller than the standard pamphlet sizes as it creates a sense of personal traits to it, something simplistic and unique to invite the guests accordingly.

My design is simplistic and sleek, even in its mess of lines and dots design, with the invisible line forming the upside down apostrophe. It is as if the apostrophe shape, shapes the chaos of it all, like Vega School, with no literal ownership of the students but the way in which it shapes and helps its students to grow on their own, forming their own uniqueness in the industries of their potential career paths.