Product Design


This brief required us to create either a craft coffee or craft beer product to include into the trend market in the world. A specific target audience had to be selected in order to help build the product and brand’s personality.

Urban Panda coffee originated as the ‘panda’ being a unique and endangered animal, just like the dying art of those unique artistic souls in today’s society. ‘Urban’ representing the panda not being trapped, but more settled down in society and the urbanism essence and aroma of the fresh coffee beans’ richness. I used a coffee stain concept from the coffee stencilled panda as my logo to break away from the panda being seen as something herbal like tea.

By researching and tracing I managed to come up with a panda face out of coffee stained marks to relate the two with each other, and played with coffee colour tones. I then created three flavours, to give the brand a variety to its range so that people could try different kinds of tastes instead of just one. Those being “Choc Chili”; “Black Forest” and “Caribbean Rum”. I used sealable paper brown bags as my packaging as it gave more of the authentic craft coffee feel to it, as well as what it would look like on a variety of merchandise, and a possible coffee store. This piece also made it to the 2016 Adobe Semifinals Awards.