Packaging Design



This brief required us to either improve an existing product’s packaging or create packaging for a product that didn’t have one. Other than a plastic packet, there is no actual packaging form for piercings.

Using a friend’s existing parlours’ name, Inkaholic. I created the packaging to not only differentiate them from other parlours, but to create a solution to all piercing customers. The packaging has a multiple, reuseable use as it not only a collectors item, but a packaging form the piercings can be sold in as well as a container to store all their piercings in after use, or when alternating between their collection. Three different main categories have been created, which the piercings fall under, varying from lip, body and ear piercings which the vast variety of piercings shall be packaged in.

Specified labels on the packaging shall indicate the type of piercings being sold, such as snake bites on the lip piercings, belly ring on the body, plugs or stretches for the ears and then also the sizes they come in too. Creating something so simple yet beneficial to the pierced and inked kind of community.