This was more of a creative open brief. Which required us to creatively form and portray our personal manifests by unpacking ourselves as individuals and finding our inner strengths and weaknesses to conceptualise our unique styles as artists, using any medium of our choice.

I truly enjoyed this brief as not only did I get to use one of my favourite styles, illustration, but also got to make sense of where my creativity as an artist all began. My concept was “I am a cartoon in a human’s body”, which is literally the title of my life, since I am literally the black sheep in the family and amongst my friends. This all stemmed out of my idea of illustrating people as I have always had an interest in this particular kind of style.

I have always seen myself being a character of my own when it comes to being around my friends and family. I decided to illustrate my life and some of its crazy moments into a comic book, as I felt it visually communicated my concept.

I took real life scenarios and illustrated them, with no actual flow, but rather seen as “snap shots”, like the memories stored in my mind – giving them a fun, quirky, kind of feel to it to emphasize on each of the moments. Giving some of my character’s costumes and identities using their strengths and interests that they associated with themselves, mine being a panda of course. I then mocked the main design to further touch points as collectors merchandise.